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The Community

The Community

Globally, bioacoustics is a rapidly growing field of research. However, despite access to a wide range of behaviourally interesting and vocal species, unique environments, and increasing development resulting in noise pollution, bioacoustic research in Africa and by African scientists is comparatively lagging.
Financial constraints limit the opportunities for African scientists to learn from and network with experts in the field through international conferences, workshops, and courses etc.
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It is with these realities in mind that the African Bioacoustics Community was initiated in March 2018. The African Bioacoustics Community aims to provide a networking forum for people working on all aspects of bio-acoustic research in Africa.
Bioacoustic research from Africa and by African scientists is not well represented in the global field and thus the African Bioacoustics Community strives to shine a light on the achievements of bioacoustics research in Africa. We work towards equal representation, access to crucial learning and networking opportunities, and providing an environment where information flows freely between scientists, research labs, countries, and continents. 
Sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint is something we value highly and we work hard to ensure that our events are sustainable, plastic-free and carbon responsible. As part of our effort in this matter, we ask that members of our community consider carbon-offsetting measures or donating to a cause that aligns with our values.
Every action we take makes a difference.
Diversity and Inclusion are as necessary as ABC
The African Bioacoustics Community wants to make the science of sound accessible to the continent of Africa. We cannot achieve this without a diverse and inclusive mindset, valuing new ideas, and celebrating different approaches. We hope to foster connection and relationships between people who are passionate about the unique and fascinating field of bioacoustics.
After all, Community is in our name.
Our ultimate goal is to provide a socially and environmentally conscious place for researchers to network, to learn and to share their research in the field of bioacoustics.
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The Confernce


The African Bioacoustics Community hosts a biennial conference that brings together individuals from around the world who are interested in bioacoustics. 
These conferences provide opportunities for underrepresented scientists based in Africa to present their research, learn from some of the best in the field and network with other researchers working on bioacoustic projects in Africa.



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