7th October 2022 Workshop

Title: Methodology of emotions: Assessing Emotions and their expression/contagion

Hosted by
Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer

(description TBC)

7th October 2022 Workshop

Title: AudioMoth Masterclass


Hosted by
Andy Hill, co-founder of Open Acoustics, and

Ruby Lee, director of electronic design company DesignFab

Andy Hill and Ruby Lee will be presenting a workshop on the ins and outs of their AudioMoth devices. The workshop will cover an intro session on AudioMoth, looking at all the different device types (including the MicroMoth), as well as all the different ways you can configure a device, app, chime, GPS etc. This will be followed by a field recording session using a standard schedule where participants will get the opportunity to use field recordings to experiment with some filters using the web app. A second field recording session will be focused on making triggered recordings. Finally, participants will explore file sorting and expansion of trigger files using our tools and (if time allows) how to convert AudioMoth into an android phone bat detector.

7th October 2022 Workshop

Title: Applied acoustics in Africa


Hosted by
Simon Elwen, co-director of Sea Search Research and Conservation

Acoustic methods are increasingly being used for long-term monitoring of species presence, assessing ecosystem health using soundscapes, and increasingly in environmental impact assessment baseline studies. This workshop aims to discuss current projects and methods used, discuss baseline standards and tools and highlight challenges in this developing space. 

 - Please Contact Simon Elwen ( to contribute or get involved - 

4th October 2022 Workshop

Title: Deployment to data analysis and beyond

Hosted by

Paul Howden-Leach (Wildlife Acoustics Business Development Consultant & Independent Bioacoustic Consultant)

Paul Howden-Leach will present an interactive/hands-on workshop looking at recorders from Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter & Echo Meter family (including both acoustic and ultrasonic recorders) and give potential deployment options to fit in with a variety of standard and non-standard protocols. Case studies will be used and attendees' own specific deployment needs will be addressed to design the most appropriate schedule for their needs. Following on from this the workshop will focus on data analysis using Kaleidoscope Lite and Kaleidoscope Pro. This element of the workshop will focus on signal extraction, rapid data analysis, auto-identification and building species classifiers. The data provided will be a mix of acoustic and ultrasonic (bat data). Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops to play along with the session. Data and full training licences will be provided for the session. 

Conference Events

Bioacoustics in Practice

The ABC 2022 Organizing Committee is excited to have representatives of the University of Southern Denmark Prof Magnus Wahlberg and colleagues.  Funded through the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, they will run focused events during the conference schedule on sound recording and perception. 

See below for more information on these events!

Tuesday 4th October 2022

Morning 6-8 am - Sound Recording Session 1: Bird walk with acoustic recordings/ directional microphones/ testing different equipment around Skukuza  - aimed at students

 Evening 6-8 pm - Sound Recording Session 2: Insect and bat walk/ frog recording sessions - aimed at students


Thursday 6th October 2022

Morning - Intro to playback with SDU

The SDU Team

ONL with turquise browed motmot in Costa Rica.jpg

Ole Næsbye Larsen

Background: Ole has worked on all three aspects of the sound-path-receiver model of sound communication, source (measuring the directionality of bird vocalizations), path (investigating propagation loss in different habitats), and receiver (studying directional hearing in several bird and insect species using laser vibrometry).  Ole has also pioneered investigations of the function of the bird syrinx using video endoscopy, and has written several book chapters on propagation loss in habitats of different birds and insects. He has also studied amphibious hearing of diving birds using ABR recordings and acoustic communication between birds solving a task requiring collaboration 


Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard

Background: Jakob's main research interest is in neurophysiology and biophysics of hearing, and the evolution of hearing in the terrestrial vertebrates. Experimentally, Jakob has worked with the development of software for data acquisition, laser vibrometry, and neurophysiology, both single-cell physiology and auditory brainstem responses. His favorite experimental animals are reptiles and amphibians.

2013_0407 2.jpg

Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer

Background: Elodie has over 15 years of experience in Bioacoustics. She conducted her PhD on the complex song of skylarks at the University of Paris North, followed by a postdoctoral position at Queen Mary University of London, working on fallow deer and goat vocalisations, emotions and cognition. Later, she initiated her research program at the ETH Zurich investigating cross-species comparison of vocal expression and perception of emotions. In 2019, Elodie became an Associate Professor and is leading the Behavioural Ecology Group of the Department of Biology at the University of Copenhagen. Elodie’s research group combine the topics of acoustic communication, emotions, and social networks, in order to understand how emotions influence communication, how emotions are transmitted between individuals and influence social relationships, and how acoustic communication affects social interactions.

MJM profile photo.JPG

Morgan Martin

Background: Dr Morgan Martin is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Canada studying how Arctic cetaceans respond to underwater ship noise. She has a PhD from the University of Pretoria in South Africa where she focused on using passive acoustic monitoring to estimate Heaviside's and dusky dolphin abundance off Namibia. She has an extensive background in echolocation click detection and assessing the function of other dolphin sounds including social signals.

Conference Banquet

Hoping to end off the 3rd African Bioacoustics Community Conference with a bang?

So are we!

We will be holding a Conference Banquet on the evening of Friday the 7th of October 2022 as one last hurrah! The banquet will be in the form of a "Boma Braai", a traditional South African Braai (BBQ) with 3 meats and a selection of salads and freshly baked breads.

NOTE: There is a cost involved of 300 ZAR. This event is NOT included in the conference registration ticket. To book your spot, select a banquet ticket when you register!



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Special Sessions

Monday 3rd October 2022

Basics of Bioacoustics: II

Following the huge success of the 2020 special session, the ABC 2022 Conference is planning to have a follow-up session, delving into the Basics of Bioacoustics. As before, experts in the field of bioacoustics will share their knowledge and experience in topics like sound measurement and recording equipment.

Wednesday 5th October 2022

Panel session with bioacoustics research leaders

In this evening session, students will be given the opportunity to ask questions of the panel members (made up of bioacoustics experts from around the world), as well as ask advice on common problems, research techniques, avenues of study and much much more!