The African Bioacoustics Community is thrilled to be holding the 3rd ABC Conference in the Kruger National Park this year!

The African Bioacoustics Community Conference will take place in Skukuza, the "Capital City" of the Kruger National Park.

Here are some cool facts about the Park:

  • Skukuza is the largest rest camp in the park and serves as the administration HQ.

  • Kruger National Park is the largest national park in Africa, covering an area of 2 million square km's, and is the oldest park in South Africa.

  • A Peace Park is a multi-international agreement that has led to the fences being taken down between political boarders. In this case, 5 protected wilderness regions spanning South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe were included in the massive project.

  • Most visitors to the Kruger National Park are interested in the Big 5 which includes lions, leopard, elephants, rhino and Cape buffalo, considered the 5 most dangerous animals to encounter

  • Kruger Park has 500 species of birds and 6 of these belong to 'the Big 6', including the lappet-faced vulture, martial eagle, saddle-billed stork and Kori bustards, Pels fishing owl and ground hornbills. All are endemic to the park.

Kruger Park map_white.png

For more information on the Kruger National Park, you can head over to their website.


Skukuza is the Kruger National Park's largest rest camp and is the unofficial 'capital city' of the park. Situated on the banks of the Sabie River, Skukuza offers a wide range of accommodation and activities for all visitors, not to mention sporting a diverse array of animals and plants both inside and outside the camp.

Because the African Bioacoustics Community 2022 Conference is taking place inside the Kruger National Park at the Skukuza conference facilities, all accommodation must be booked through our Kruger representative, Jackey Deacon from Mpumalanga Promotion Events.

to view your options and book your accommodation, Please email jackey directly at dot@mpu.co.za


Accommodation available in the Skukuza Rest Camp ranges from Camping sites (bring your own gear) to permanent Safari tents and a host of private bungalows.


all photos property of Kurger National Park and the Skukuza Events team

Skukuza is also home to the luxurious Skukuza Safari Lodge. The Lodge boasts 128 units all geared toward making your stay as comfortable as possible!

Facilities like the Sisonke Bar and Varanda, a guest gym and a swimming pool are all at your disposal as a guest of the Lodge.


all photos property of Kurger National Park and the Skukuza Safari Lodge



One amazing benefit of hosting our 3rd African Bioacoustics Community Conference in the breathtaking Kruger National Park is that we are surrounded by opportunities to experience and enjoy this beautiful area and the animals that call it home!

There are several options for excursions out into the bush:

Excursions and Fees

Morning Walk

Sunrise Drive

Sunset Drive

Night Drive

640 ZAR

370 ZAR

370 ZAR

290 ZAR

41 USD

24 USD

24 USD

19 UDS

39 EUR

27 EUR

27 EUR

18 EUR

33 GBP

19 GBP

19 GBP

15 GBP

to book your EXCURSION, Please email jackey directly at dot@mpu.co.za



The Kruger National Park stretches over the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces and is roughly 442 km (about 5.5 hours) from the nearest international airport. For international visitors, there are many ways to get to the park from OR Tambo International Airport, including car rental, bus and flying directly into Skukuza Airport.


Please see below for transport options and costs*

*We have tried to be as thorough as possible, but please don't view this as a comprehensive list.

Flight Costs from 'sa - location' to o.r. tambo international airport

fight transport.png

NOTE: Flights directly to Skukuza Airport are available.

These flights are done exclusively through Airlink. You can see their options here.

Flights directly to Skukuza can be made from the following countries:

South Africa, Mozambique, Eswatini, Lesotho, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Angola and St Helena

Bus Costs from 'sa - location' to o.r. tambo international airport bus stop

Bus transport.png

Approximate car rental costs

TOP TIP: Although driving to Skukuza is a fairly long trip and petrol costs need to be taken into consideration, having a car for you or your research party is a great way to enjoy the park in your own time. 

Car Rental.png